Thank you for attending today's seminar!

Here is the PowerPoint presentation from today:

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Merging: When To Yield and When To Speed Up

Notes from today's Seminar:

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are hidden links found on a variety of pages.  Easter Eggs are generally put on web pages for fun.  Webmasters like to put them in as jokes or pranks or just to see how long it takes people to find them.  On the other hand, some people love to search for Easter Eggs - they just enjoy the challenge.

We talked about the Easter Egg on Yahoo - the exclamation point at the end of Yahoo! at the top of the page. 
We also looked at the Easter Egg on Keystone Computer Concepts which sent us to a video all about Pennsylvania.
We viewed an Easter Egg on and, of course, you had to find the new Easter Egg on Keystone Computer in order for you to reach this page.

Congratulations on learning about Easter Eggs!

Email Quiz

Today we looked at a number of emails which we had received here at Keystone Computer Concepts.  I asked you to decide if we should open them or just delete them.  Everyone did very well with this quiz!  You all seemed to recognize that banks and other financial institutions don't see emails with attachments or asking you to click and fill out information.  Everyone was also on the ball when it came to emails from strangers with attachments. 

Merging In Microsoft Word

We used Microsoft Word 2007 today to create a merged holiday letter. 

Please check back tomorrow evening, Sunday, October 12, 2008, as I will list detailed, step-by-step instructions!


Thanks again for coming today.  We hope you learned a few things and that you enjoyed our time together!


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