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Thank you for attending our seminar!

Here is the PowerPoint presentation we used:

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Computer Resolutions For The New Year (Part 2)

Notes from the Seminar:

Operating System (OS)

We talked about the various operating systems:  Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7; MAC OS7, OS8, OS9, OSX; Linux.  I explained that when you are asked "What operating system do you have?" the answers "Windows" or "MAC" are not sufficient.  An answer like "Windows Vista SP1" would be correct.

I also talked briefly about the BIOS and how it is the BIOS that actually starts the computer.

Windows 7

I demonstrated Windows 7.  I explained that, thus far, Windows 7 is, by-far, a more complete, easier to use OS than Vista was or is, for that matter.  I suggested that those who have heard evil things about Vista and have hesitated to buy a new computer should have no fears when Windows 7 comes out.

Address Books

This is a great time to go through your address book and clean out invalid emails (, for example) and to weed out the addresses of unknown contacts or people who have moved on from our lives.

Take this opportunity to convert your address book from just names and email addresses to a full-fledged contact ledger - you can include addresses, birthdays, spouses and children info, all kinds of information.  Make your address book a real tool.

Picture Resolutions

I reiterated the fact that your pictures are not stored in "Kodak Easy Share" or "Paint Shop Pro" or "HP Photo."  Those kinds of programs allow you to manipulate pictures but the pictures themselves are stored elsewhere, usually in a folder under (My) Pictures.

You should rename folders and pictures names after you take them off your camera.   Organize your camera pictures so they are easily found and simply identified.

You should  resize most photos before you send them.  Some photo and email programs will do this automatically.  Windows Vista will give you resize options IF you are using an email client on your own machine (Vista Mail, Outlook) from the SEND TO menu.

For those still using Windows XP, you can install a neat little tool which will put resizing a photo in the right-click menu.  You'll find it on the following page of Microsoft Tools for XP.  It's called Image Resize.  Go to the site HERE.

Browsing the Internet

By now, you should be able to name the browser you use on your computer.  (Remember, a browser is software which converts a web page - which is really code - into something useful for the average person.)  Examples are:  Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, AOL.

I also suggested once again that you limit the number of tools bars in your browser to one or two at the very most.

I suggested that you learn to use tabs. 

Malware Resolutions

Remember - bad people use:
Fear - Example:  You have 765 spyware infections on your computer.  Click here to correct this problem.  Don't fall victim to "scare tactic" pop ups!

Doubt 99%, Trust 1%

When in doubt, say NO!

Cut, Copy and Paste

I explained and demonstrated cut, copy, paste and delete.  Remember, when you want to copy text from one place to another, you use "copy" but when you want to move the text, you use "cut."

Here is a page where you can practice copying and pasting:  h

USB Drives

I demonstrated the proper way to remove a USB drive after use.  Here's a page that explains the procedure (even though it is talking about laptops, the same is true with desktop computers):


Thanks to everyone for all the good questions!

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Thanks again for coming.  We hope you learned a few things and that you enjoyed our time together!


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