How To Turn System Restore

On or Off in Windows XP

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Users of Windows XP

One of the greatest features of Windows XP is System Restore. However, there are occasions where you might need or want to turn this process off.  As an example, if you were unfortunate enough to get any number of nasty viruses on your computer, you may need to turn off System Restore to remove all the unwanted files.  Then, once your computer is all cleaned out, you will want to restart SR.  Here's how:

(As with almost any procedure in Windows OSs, there is more than one way to accomplish the same task.  This routine is just one of them.)

1)    Open the START menu.

2)    Click on CONTROL PANEL.   

3)    A new window opens.


5)    Another new window appears.

6)    At the bottom, open SYSTEM.  

7)    The System Properties window appears.

8)    Click on the tab titled "System Restore." 

9)    Notice the checkbox with the wording "Turn off System Restore on all drives."  Use your mouse to place a check in the box.  (Please note:  if System Restore is already off, you'll be using your mouse to remove the checkmark, which will turn the process back on.)

10)    Click APPLY.   The following warning will appear:

11)    If you're sure you want or need to turn System Restore off, click the YES button.  Otherwise, click NO.

12)    When it's time to turn System Restore back on, follow these same steps, except that in step #9, you'll use your mouse to click on the checkbox thereby removing the check.

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