How To Restore Your Windows XP

Computer To A Previous Configuration

Who Should Read This Page:

Users of Windows XP

One of the greatest features of Windows XP is System Restore. This option allows you to restore your computer to a previous state. Ever install a program and have it foul up your OS or some other program on the computer? Well, if that happens with XP, you can go back to a previous day. Restore points are kept automatically by Windows XP and they can also be set manually. Before you panic, restoring your computer to a previous date does NOT delete data files that you have saved. Instead, system restore does exactly what its name implies - it restores the system files to a previous time. Pretty cool, yes?

If you're not familiar with using the system restore, take a look at the Flash presentation to see how to use this feature. (Note: You will need Flash 5.0 or greater to view this video. If you are on dial-up access, this presentation may take considerable time to load.)



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