How To Find Windows Explorer

In Windows XP

Who Should Read This Page:

Users of Windows XP

Windows Explorer is a handy Microsoft program when you want to find, copy, delete and/or move files. Many of you are familiar with it. In some respects, it's like My Computer only more direct. If you used Windows Explorer in Windows 95 and/or 98, you might want to use it in Windows XP, as well. Only problem is, Microsoft moved it! (Somebody in Redmond needs more work instead of digging things up to do, like moving Windows Explorer!)

Here's how to find Windows Explorer in Windows XP:

1) Go to the START Menu.



4) On the ACCESSORIES menu, you'll find Windows Explorer. Now, you can either drag it to the desk top (permanently moving it, like I have done) or you can right click and choose SEND TO: then DESKTOP (CREATE A SHORTCUT).

So, maybe you're one of those people who don't like to have a lot of icons on your desktop or perhaps you just don't use Windows Explorer enough to make it worthwhile. If that's the case, here's a shortcut to get to Windows Explorer.

1) RIGHT click on the START menu.

2) Choose EXPLORE from the menu.

Windows Explorer appears as a new window. Simple, don't you agree?




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