How To Decide Whether To Run

Or Save When Downloading

Who Should Read This Page:

Users Downloading Files From The Net

One of the questions asked most often is: "What do I do when I'm downloading? Should I "save" or "run from its current location" (sometimes also labeled "open")?


Generally speaking, if you are going to immediately install the program, it's a good idea to choose "open" or "run from its current location." What happens is the file will be downloaded into a temporary file, then after the installation, that temp file will be deleted. This saves space on your computer.

If, however, you are going to install the file at a later time or should you believe the file may not continue to be available for downloading, then you should "save" the file to your computer's hard drive. I have a folder I created called "My Downloads" and all files that I download go into that folder. This procedure prevents me from having to search all over my computer for a download. Of course, if you save a download you can always delete it at a later time if you decide you don't want to keep it any longer.


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