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Who Should Read This Tutorial:
Users Of Windows

Want to print just the instructions for this tutorial?  Click HERE.

It is possible to change how many clicks you need to open an item on your computer (folder, etc.).  Generally speaking, computers come from the factory set up in the two-click mode.  However, some people have difficulty in double-clicking (they click too slowly or too fast and the folder or file doesn't open, and they have to keep trying), so it may be advantageous to change to the single-click mode.  Here's how to do that:

Open Folder Options.  There are a number of ways to get to Folder Options but we'll explain just one of them here. 

1)  Open MY COMPUTER (or, in Vista, just COMPUTER).

2)  Near the top of the window, you will see a list of menus, e.g., File, Edit, View.  Choose the TOOLS drop-down menu. 

3)  Click on FOLDER OPTIONS.

4)  The FOLDER OPTIONS window has a number of tabs.  Make sure you are on the GENERAL tab. 

5)  Find the area on the GENERAL tab entitled "Click items as follows."

6)  Notice that you can select double-click to open an item (pictured above) or you can choose Single-click to open an item.  This is the option you would choose if you have trouble double-clicking to open items.  You can also choose how to underline an item if you select single-clicking.

7)  If you make a change, be sure you click APPLY or OK.

Why not try it, just to see how it works!

Questions or problems, feel free to email us.