How To Enable/Disable Outlook Express

Attachment Protection

Who Should Read This Page: Users of Outlook Express

Recently, Microsoft updates to Outlook Express have caused users to receive an "unsafe" message (similar to the one below) when they try to open certain attachments in their e-mail.

While the idea is good, it is not unusual for OE to stop access to attachments that are perfectly safe. If that happens to you, here's how to change the settings so that OE ceases this procedure. (Note: If you disable this feature, please make sure that you have virus protection in full force, including updates, and that you scan attachments prior to opening, unless you are positive they are safe.)

1. Open Outlook Express and click on the TOOLS drop-down menu.

2. From that menu, click on OPTIONS.

3. A new window opens. Click on the SECURITY tab.

4. Under the VIRUS PROTECTION area, you will see that there is a checkmark in the setting "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus."

5. Remove the checkmark.

6. Click on the APPLY button at the bottom.

7. Click on the OK button.

8. You may need to close Outlook Express and re-open for the changes to take place.


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