How To Setup An Account

In Outlook Express

Who Should Read This Page:

New Users of Outlook Express

If you're a former AOL or CompuServe user, you may be unfamiliar when it comes to setting up an e-mail account in Outlook Express.  Here's a step-by-step procedure for doing just that!

1) The first time you open Outlook Express a New Account wizard will automatically start.

(If it doesn't, for some reason, you can start the wizard manually by clicking on the Tool Menu, then Accounts.  A new window will appear. Click on the ADD button and choose Mail from the drop-down menu.) 

2) The first page of the wizard is the "Your Name" page.    Fill in the name you want to be displayed when you send an e-mail.  This does NOT have to be your e-mail address.  In fact, we discourage using your e-mail address here.  You can use your first and last name or your first name and last initial.  You can even use a nickname, if you prefer.  Just remember that other people may know more than one "John" so a simple first name usually doesn't work well. 

3) Once you've decided on your display name, click the "NEXT" button and the following screen appears:

This is where you fill in your e-mail address.  Make sure that you type this accurately because people will use this address to add you to their address book.  If you type your address incorrectly here, you may never get e-mails from your friends and associates!

4) After you've filled in your e-mail address, click the NEXT button.  The wizard then moves to the "E-mail Server Name" screen. 

In most cases, if you are setting up an account for an ISP - say, Bellsouth - you will be using a POP3 mail server.  Since that's the default setting, just leave that option at "POP3."  You will need to obtain your server information from your ISP or the person who setup your e-mail account.  Generally, your settings will look something like this:

Once again, be sure you type these names in accurately.  A mistake here will prevent you from either receiving or sending e-mails.  Once you've filled in the information on this page, click the NEXT button to move forward in the wizard.

5) You're only a screen away from having your e-mail account setup.  On this "Internet Mail Logon" screen, you will need to fill in your account name (user name) and your password. 

Once you've filled in the information on the page, click NEXT.

6) Voila!  You've completed the wizard.  Just click on the FINISH button.   



7) Should you experience any problems, be sure to write now any error messages that appear so you can get help from your ISP or your Administrator. 







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