How To Save
Emails While Writing Them
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Who Should Read This Tutorial:
Anyone Who Sends Email

A frequent complaint that I hear from customers pertains to lost emails.  Have you ever spent an appreciable amount of time writing an email to someone and then lost it?  Perhaps your computer froze up or you inadvertently clicked on the wrong place and POOF! it was gone. Well, let's look at some ways you can deal with this frustrating event. (Regardless of which way you choose from below, remember that anything you create should be saved frequently while you're working. This way, if something does go wrong, you'll lose only a small portion of your work rather than the entire creation.)

A) Instead of writing a long email in your email client, you can write it in your word processing program (Word, WordPerfect, etc.)  Most word processors automatically save your work as you're creating it, so recovery is much easier if some error occurs.  When you're finished, you can then send the work to email or copy and paste it there.

B) Another method you can use to keep emails-in-progress from being lost, is to use the DRAFT function of your email client.  Almost every email software program has this function.  How you utilize it may vary, however. Here are examples from the most popular email clients.  Click on the client you use and see how to use the DRAFT option.






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