How To Import E-mails

Into IncrediMail

Who Should Read This Page:

Users of incrediMail (As a secondary e-mail client)

Let's suppose you have IncrediMail on your computer along with Outlook or Outlook Express. Perhaps for business reasons (or some other reason) you don't use Incredimail for everything and IncrediMail is NOT your default e-mail handler. How do you get your IncrediMail e-mail into IncrediMail so you can save the stationery? Easy. Just follow the steps below.

1) Open IncrediMail.

2) Click on the FILE drop down menu.

3) From the drop down menu, choose IMPORT.


4) When the IMPORT menu appears, select MESSAGES.


5) A new window will appear listing on the e-mail clients on your computer. Choose the client from which you want to take the e-mails.


6) Click NEXT and another window appears.



7) Select either ALL or SELECTED FOLDERS. In this example, we'll use the latter.

8) Find the folder from which you want to import your IncrediMail e-mails and highlight it.


9) Click NEXTand a new window appears as the e-mails are being transferred over.


10) When IncrediMail is finished importing files, the following screen appears. Just click FINISHED and that's what you are - finished! :-)




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