How To Delete

Temporary Internet Files

Who Should Read This Page:

Users of Internet Explorer

Whenever you go to a web page, all of the graphics, text and page instructions are actually downloaded onto your computer. In Internet Explorer, these files are stored in temporary sub-folders under the Temporary Internet Files main folder. By default, only a certain amount of disk space may be used to store these files and when that space is full, Windows automatically starts deleting the files with the oldest "last used" date.

Occasionally, however, you may have problems with a site or with your computer in general that may be caused by some file stuck in the Temporary Internet Files folder. If that is the case, it's probably a good idea to delete these files manually. Here's how:


2) Open INTERNET OPTIONS. (See circled icon above.)

3) Under the Temporary Internet Files area, click on the button labeled "Delete Files."

3) After the computer finishes deleting the files, click OK and close all windows. Reopen Internet Explorer and start surfing again!





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