Organizing Favorites (Bookmarks)

AOL 7.0, Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape 6.2


Saving pages from the Net can come in handy when you want to return to that same page at a later time. However, if you do a lot of surfing on the Net, the number of favorites that you accumulate may make it difficult to find a page you need. (For a complete discussion of this subject, please see the February 4, 2002 Keystone Keyboard Newsletter:

Still, a solution exists that will help you keep things in order. You can organize your favorites into folders. This page explains how to do that.


Organizing Favorites in AOL

In AOL, the easiest way to add a favorite is to click on the heart that appears on almost every page. Unfortunately, this does not place the favorite in an individual folder. So, you'll need to make folders and move your favorites into them. Here's how:

1) From you AOL screen, click on the icon "My Favorites."

2) Clicking on the "My Favorites" icon will cause this window to appear.

3. In this window, click on the "New" button.

4. This window will open next.

5. Click in the empty circle in front of "New Folder."

6. In the following window, type in the name of the new folder. Click "OK" when you have named the new folder. The new folder now appears in the Favorites window.

7. To move favorite pages into your new folder (or any other folder for that matter) click on the favorite name, hold the left mouse button down and drag your mouse to the folder. You will see a small image as you move the favorite to the folder. When the folder is highlighted, release the mouse button. This is called "drag and drop."

8. The favorite you just moved now appears UNDER the new folder.

You can continue to make new folders and move your favorites into them.

Organizing Favorites in Internet Explorer:

In IE (Internet Explorer), favorites can be placed immediately into folders you have already created. Moreover, you can even create a new folder as you are saving the favorite. Here's how:

1) In the menu bar, click on the drop down menu titled "Favorites." Then, click on "Add to Favorites."

2) The following window then appears. In this window, you can click on the name of the folder where you want your favorite stored. You'll know you're at the right folder when you see the folder icon "open." After you have the folder you want, click on "OK."

3. Let's suppose that you need to create a new folder for the favorite you are about to bookmark. That is easy from this screen as well. Just click on "New Folder." This screen appears next.

4. Type in the name of the new folder, then click "OK."

5. Favorites in IE can be sorted in alphabetical order. To do that, choose a folder so that its favorites appear.

6. Next, highlight any of the bookmarks and right click on it. The following menu appears. Choose "Sort by Name."

7. The bookmarks are now in alphabetical order.


Organizing Favorites in Netscape:

Just as in Internet Explorer, favorites (Called bookmarks in Netscape) can be immediately filed into a folder. Here's how:

1) In the top menu, click on "Bookmarks."

2) From the drop down menu that appears, choose "File Bookmark."

3) The following screen appears: Just as with IE, choose the folder where you'll be saving your new bookmark. Do this by clicking on the folder name. Then click "OK."

4) If you need to create a new folder, click on the "New Folder" button. Remove the "New Folder" name which automatically appears and type in the name you want for the new folder. When finished, click "OK" and your new folder is created.

5. To sort your bookmarks, choose "Manage Bookmarks" from the "Bookmark" drop down.

6. From this screen, choose the "View" menu at the top.

Now, you can sort your bookmarks by name or by location.


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