How To Update Adobe Reader

Who Should Read This Page:

Users of Adobe Reader

Updating Adobe Reader is very simple.  Here are the steps you can use to make sure your Adobe Reader is up-to-date within the same version number:

1) Go to the Adobe Reader icon and open Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader icon

2) When Adobe Reader opens, go to the HELP MENU.

Adobe Reader Help

3) From the drop-down menu, choose CHECK FOR UPDATES.

Adobe Reader Update

4.1) If your version of Adobe Reader is up-to-date, you will receive the following screen message:

Adobe Reader is up-to-date

Simply choose QUIT and you have completed the process.

4.2 If there are updates available for your version of Adobe Reader, a message similar to this one will appear on the screen:

Adobe Reader Update Available


5) As the updating process proceeds, you will usually receive the following message:

Adobe Reader Shut-down

6) Click CONTINUE to finish the updating procedure.

7)  When the update is completed, you will receive the following message:

Adobe Reader quit

8) Choose QUIT and you've finished the updating process. 


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